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Delivery Men


We want to make sure you're staying on your treatment plan.  That's why we offer free delivery.  This is available for any customers that need it -- for whatever reason. Please give us a call if this sounds like a helpful option.

Vaccinating A Child

Immunizations / Vaccines

Whether it's immunizations for travel or seasonal vaccines, we take care of you.  We will file with insurance, if available. No appointment necessary!

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Specialty Care

Specialty medications are usually high-cost, hard-to-find medications, usually prescribed for long-term chronic conditions.  We take care of all communication between insurance companies & doctors to help you obtain these specialty medications at the lowest cost possible.... because we believe that patient care should be more than just a mailbox!

Visit our specialty site for me information.

Blue wheelchair

Medical Equipment

We offer a complete line of medical equipment for rental or sale. Just ask if you don't see what you need on the list.

  • Wheelchairs / Walkers

  • Crutches / Canes

  • Braces / Athletic Support

  • Diabetes Equipment


Compound Medications

Not all medications can be taken by all people; sometimes different dosages or ingredients are required.  For this, we offer custom compounded medications.   or more about this service, please give us a call or stop by, and we’ll be happy to help!

3 Gears

Medication Synchronization

Taking more than one medication? Or picking up for the whole family? Let us help you sync your prescriptions so you're picking up everything at once.  There's no need for multiple trips to the pharmacy!

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